Episode Two: Sweater Construction


Show notes: 

Comments from episode one:

gauge swatch in the round, extra yardage needed for swatching, where gauge stated in pattern comes from, knitters using different amounts of yarn, blocking if you're using back of garment as a gauge swatch, reusing yarn that you unravel from a gauge swatch


sweater construction defined


drop shoulder.png


saddle shoulder


set in sleeve.png

sleeve caps

in the round versus seaming

shoulder shaping

full fashioned.png
raglan bottom up.png

compund raglan

bottom up versus top down

Raglan from top down.png

modifications for broad shoulders

side to side.png

first time sweater knitting recommendations

next episode: how to read a knitting pattern, including an in depth discussion on managing the instruction AT THE SAME TIME

bonus: Pam and Hannah each tell a knitting horror story

 We invite you to comment on this episode below.  Share your preferred construction method and why!  And let us know what you'd like to hear about reading a knitting pattern.